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Ritu Saraswat

Doctoral research scholar

Supervisor: Prof. Tushar Jana

School of Chemistry

University of Hyderabad

Gachobowli, Hyderabad, Telangana 500046


Contact: 9119703302, Whatsapp: 9720078266


Subject area: Polymers for Electrochemical Energy

Alkaline Anion Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells (AAEMFCs) are receiving great recognition because of their use of low cost electrocatalysts, faster oxygen reduction kinetics and lower fuel permeability. The prime challenges in developing AAEM are synthesizing polymers with high hydroxide conductivity and long-term stability in high alkaline solutions. Our objective is to develop a new class of AAEMs which ensure the following characteristic properties:

  • should have long term stability in alkaline medium (alkaline stability).

  • should offer high hydroxide conductivity, containing high ion exchange capacity (IEC).

  • should have high chemical, thermal and mechanical stability.

  • should possess adequate water and KOH uptake

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